stand in the mourning shroud

When I was a kid in the mid nineties most of my music listening happened through the Sony Cassette Walkman my Grandma gave me for my birthday. I don’t remember being enthralled with my parents cassette collection; Rod Stewart, Fine Young Cannibals, Simply Red and other detritus of late-eighties Adult Contemporary radio, but it also had an AM/FM radio and I used to power through AA batteries staying up too late listening to Toronto stations.

On Saturday nights 104.5 CHUM-FM would broadcast their weekly chart show where Roger Ashby would count down the top 30 singles in the station’s format and I’m pretty sure that’s when I first heard The Tragically Hip’s “Ahead by a Century”.


fixing album artist on an ipod classic

Years ago Apple added the “Album Artist” field to iTunes, immediately solving the problem of grouping albums containing tracks with featured artists. For metadata anal-retentives like myself certain albums (rap mixtapes, collaborative albums, split singles) live in this grey area between single-artist albums and compilations. Just because I Got That Work has a featured artist on almost every track does not make it a compilation—it’s decidedly a work of Big Tymers—Psych Funk 101 is a compilation.

Album Artist works great for this, but unfortunately doesn’t work on any of the iPod Classics, which I use in my car, so albums formatted this way clutter the artist list with an entry for every combination of featured artist. My solution is to move featured artists out of the Artist field and into the Track Name.


music i thought about in 2014

I was going to just list some stuff like I have done before but wow nobody cares. Here is some music I’ve thought about a lot in 2014.